In 2012, I woke up in a hospital bed and decided that I had to become a journalist.
Since then, I've traveled the world telling stories as an independent foreign correspondent. Writing news and taking pictures in 22 countries, I always try to pick up some of the language. I cover war & conflict, focusing on the stories of non-combatants and people who rise above their circumstances. My work has been published in places like The Guardian, The Intercept, Newsweek, Public Radio International, and others.
I studied Journalism + Design at The New School in New York City. My training and experience bring a systems-thinking approach to investigative reporting that goes for the root of the issues I cover, and I strive to communicate human truths through storytelling.
I'm also fascinated by the possibilities brought by immersive multimedia experiences delivered through the web, and have spent the pandemic learning web development. I blog to explore the field more at
I am a member of the Overseas Press Club, the Society of Freelance Journalists, and the Foreign Media Association of Turkey.
In my bag:
Sony A7S
Leica R4
Zoom F1 Field Recorder
Sony IC Dictaphone
First Aid Kit
On my MacBook:
Adobe Lightroom CC
Adobe Premiere Pro CC
Adobe After Effects

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